The island with the longest history in the Cyclades is an ideal summer and winter destination.The capital of the Cyclades and at the same time the most populated island, Syros emits an incomparable charm, and the visitor can observe the coexistence of traditional and cosmopolitan elements, the Cycladic and neoclassical style, as well as the orthodox and catholic tradition.


The capital of Syros and the Cyclades, Ermoupoli, is in itself an attraction, since it is a separate populous city in the centre of the Aegean with a majestic presence and great tradition.

Ano Syros

This is a unique residential complex consisting of small houses attached to each other in a circle forming the defensive wall to pirate raids, with narrow and steep streets with countless ramifications that literally create a maze.

Beaches of Syros

The island of Syros has many magnificent beaches, sandy or pebbly, mostly organized.


  • Boat Tour to the Northern Beaches of Syros and the surrounding islands.
  • Hiking and exploring trails
  • Horse-Riding
  • Scuba Diving - Diving
  • Cultural activities (concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, festivals)